Teledyne API (TAPI) designs and builds precision air quality and industrial gas monitoring instrumentation at our factory located in San Diego, California, USA.

Our products are used worldwide in ambient air quality monitoring systems (AQMS), continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS), and industrial process applications.

Our AQMS and CEMS analyzers co​mply with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), European Union (EU) and other global regulatory agencies for the measurement of criteria pollutants, some of which are NOX, SO2, CO, O3, PM10 & PM2.5.

We also provide a variety of precision Zero Air Generators and Calibration instruments for both standard and trace-level applications.

Our industrial gas portfolio includes the IN USA and TAPI brands of Ozone analyzers as well as a variety of generators, sensors, turnkey ozone delivery systems either for gas or solution based applications. These prod​​ucts are designed for use across several industrial process applications in the semiconductor, water treatment, food & beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

Through consistent delivery of high quality instrumentation and superior customer service, we have become a global leader in the markets we serve.

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