BELSS can provide you with the necessary satellite communications.

We have been providing them to the National Armed Forces of the Republic of Latvia since 2007:

  • 2007 Delivered and installed a satellite earth station
  • 2012 Signed an agreement with VAMOIC to provide communications between the satellite earth station and remote terminals
  • 2014 Agreement with the NAF on satellite communications services and subscriptions (in SO districts)
  • 2016 Modernization of the National Armed Forces satellite communication (SATCOM) system was implemented. In the process, the existing mobile satellite terminals were upgraded, new mobile terminals (D = 1.8m) with automatic antenna positioning were delivered. As well as the modernized SATCOM ground station (D = 3.7m), a new mobile SATCOM back-up ground station was delivered
  • 2017 Provision of satellite communication services and purchase of satellite telephones and accessories for the NAF Security Command
  • 2020 Agreement with the NAF Security Command on the provision of Satellite Communications Service.

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