Military Solutions



In June 2020, an agreement was concluded with the NAF Security Command on the supply of a mobile antenna mast system and a trailer antenna mast system. In December 2020, BELSS delivered 24 pieces of trailer antenna mast systems to the Collateral Command.

Vertically liftable, trailer-mounted antenna mast systems, with telescopic antenna masts, are designed for mounting existing directional antennas of NAF units (eg dish type / plate-type antenna, Logo-Periodic antenna, Jagi type antenna, etc.) and for elevation to provide Line-of-Sight communication conditions between battlefield / military antennas.

The antenna mast system like this is safe, stable, and has an operative fixing of the respective sections or sections of the mast during the expansion of the mast. The vertically liftable antenna mast system mounted on the trailer is equipped with a pneumatic mast lift device powered by an internal combustion engine mounted on the trailer.

Antenna mast systems are manufactured in accordance with the production standard MIL-STD 810F.