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In June 2020, an agreement was concluded with the 2nd Regional Support Center of the NAF Security Command on the supply of a mobile antenna mast system and a trailer antenna mast system. In January 2021, BELSS delivered two portable antenna mast systems to the NAF 2nd Regional Support Center and in April trained in their use. 

This type of mobile antenna mast system is intended for Latvian NAF units’ needs, to continue the further development and improvement of Latvian NAF Tactical Battlefield’s communications system.

The system is fully integrated (all equipment is mounted/located in the system and does not require additional space for transportation), which is intended for transportation as a trailer on public roads of the Republic of Latvia, trailer attachment mount – NATO Towing Eye with changeable height. Trailer length 11.4 m, width 2.4 m. The trailer is equipped with a braking system.

Antenna mast type – telescopic, vertically liftable, grid-based mast. Masts total length in uplifted state 38 m and maximum Lift Capacity to 227 kg.