License: Licensed radios (MOTOTRBO)
Series: DM series
Type: Digital radios

Key Features

IP54 Rated
16 Channels
Emergency - Programmable Button
Compact and Lightweight

Product Description

Ideal for delivery drivers, dispatch teams, bus drivers, in fact, any driver on the move, the 16-channel Motorola DM1400 digital mobile radio with a built-in speaker keeps workers connected. It's reliable, cost-effective, and easy-to-use, the ideal solution to improve communication for maximum efficiency and safety. Its numeric display shows the channel number simply and clearly.

Superior audio quality together with greater range is what makes this radio a must. The DM1400 is also compatible with advanced MOTOTRBO™ business-essential features, such as Transmit Interrupt to enable a supervisor to deliver important information exactly when and where it is needed.

Programming is quick and easy with the Radio Management tool, but you can also ask RadioTrader for help with programming your radio.

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