The design department of BELSS is represented by an innovative team of professionals, which includes certified architects, civil engineers, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, water supply and drainage engineers, as well as electrical and electronic systems engineers, energy auditors, fire detection and alarm system design engineers as well as certified surveyors.

We believe that architecture and engineering must work closely together to meet today’s challenges, provide creative, rational and energy-efficient solutions and achieve the highest goals.

To ensure a successful designing process and provide developers with a detailed and transparent project, all building construction projects are developed in a 3D environment.

We believe that progress is a necessity to move towards new success! We are ready to take on new challenges and achieve goals together with the client.

The BELSS team develops high-level construction projects for industrial and sports buildings, educational institutions and public buildings, as well as roads, sports and children’s playgrounds, and other facilities.

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