In July 2020, SIA “Belss” signed an agreement with State LLC “Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Center” in the amount more than 2 million euros for the supply and installation of equipment providing the atmospheric air quality network, and the supply, installation and training of technical resources necessary for their operation. Under the agreement, 6 new air quality monitoring stations will be constructed, 2 existing ones will be supplemented with new equipment and the central laboratory will be supplemented with data processing servers.

The agreement is implemented with the support of the EU – European Union Cohesion Fund 5.4.2. the specific support objective “To ensure the development of the environmental monitoring and control system and timely prevention of environmental risks, as well as public participation in environmental management” Measure “Development of the Environmental Monitoring and Control System and Promotion of Public Participation in Environmental Management” project No. “Development of the Environmental Monitoring and Control System”.