In this anniversary year, we’re taking a trip down memory lane, remembering the incredible moments, achievements, and milestones that have shaped our journey so far. Also, let’s get to know our teammates who are always by our side! You are welcome to join us!
First, let’s introduce how and when it all started!

BELSS itself began in 1989 in the kolkhoz “Padomju Latvija”, later named as the joint-stock company “Tēvzeme”, which was located in Spuņciems, when one of the structural units of JS “Tēvzeme” – the scientific and technical company “Elektrons” was entrusted with the management of Tālis Ziediņš.

It was there that Talis and Normunds met. But if we look more precisely, these two wise minds met a little earlier, when Normunds was still studying at the Riga Technical University, and Tālis came there in search of an assistant. You have to be at the right time and place, and in the case of these two gentlemen, that’s exactly what happened – they were destined to meet. It should not be forgotten that Valdis, an expert in radios and radio knowledge, was a good support for the company’s progress towards success.

Going back to the scientific and technical company JS Tēvzeme – the company was active and the very foundation was radios, communications, the first mobile phones, and computers. Radios for the collective farm, radios for the National Guard, radios to Azerbaijan, radios for the barricades… and much, much more. They were radios from Bulgaria, and Normund traveled the entire former Soviet Union with them (and not only with radios – there were also wire brushes, RAFs (Riga Bus Factory’s minibusses), Moskvitches, leather jackets, and many other things that belonged to those times). Those were the times and a lot happened there that is beyond the understanding of the modern mind, but those were just the times…

After about 3 years of operation, the next step had to be taken, they had to keep up with the times and a separate Latvian-Lithuanian joint venture “Baltelektron – serviss” was established, which later became Belss. But really, independently of all the above-mentioned companies and as an independent company, the company BELSS LTD was established at the end of December 1994.