On Lacplesis Day, November 11, the new extension of Kekava Secondary School was opened with ten classrooms, a spacious dining room, a teachers’ lounge and a recreation area for students. The new study facilities will provide additional space for 300 students.

The new building of Kekava Secondary School in Kekava, Gaismas Street 9, was built on two floors. There are a total of ten classrooms – four on the first floor and six on the second floor, including one classroom that can be divided by a sliding wall into two separate rooms. In this class, children will be able to learn mathematics, visual arts, music, geography, biology, English and Latvian.

On the first floor there is a spacious dining room, as well as a dressing area, but on the second – a teachers’ lounge, recreation areas for students, and changing rooms. The total area of ​​the new extension is almost 1442 square meters, and the building is located on the site of the school’s existing basketball court.

The new extension of the school is a modular building. And the construction of prefabricated modules, contrary to the opinion of most, has no restrictions in design and construction. The main advantages of a modular house are quick installation, energy efficiency and quality, as each module is manufactured and built industrially in a factory that is subject to all industry standards. This is a very important factor in modern construction, the building will be highly energy efficient.

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