BELSS, Ltd. provides following services: sale and installation of telecommunication equipment, technical maintenance and servicing, servicing and installation of  GSM base stations and antenae feeders and development of scientific research and performs development and implementation of custom telecommunication projects.

Since the year 1998 BELSS, Ltd. cooperates with TELE2 in projecting and construction of telecommunication base stations. 

BELSS, Ltd., provides following services:

  1. Maintenance and servicing of GSM/UMTS network infrastructures;
  2. Projecting, installation and construction of GSM / UMTS network infrastructures;
  3. Sale and delivery of telecommunication equipment;
  4. Scientific research and development and implementation of custom telecommunication projects;
  5. Motorolla transmitters – professional analogue transmitters;
  6. Antenna masts, bearings;
  7. Antenna feeder systems and installation;
  8. Microwave line installation, adjustment, configuration and change;
  9. Antennas, connectors, cables;
  10. Alarm system and its installation;
  11. Engineering construction, maintenance – electrical, ventilation, air conditioning.
  12. Direct current power leads, installation and maintenance.