“BELSS” Ltd.supplies 15 platoon tents with equipment and climate control system

On October 30, 2018 “BELSS” Ltd., in accordance with the contract “Platoon tent with a climate control system delivery” has carried out 15 Platoon tents with equipment and climate control system delivery at the Military Base, in Kadaga, Ādaži region.

The module set is planned to use for military purposes in field conditions at various climate conditions both for short and long periods of time. The tent construction installation/assembling takes up 9 minutes without the use of any tool, ladder or equipment with assistance of 4 persons. The tent withstand a snow load of at least 50kg/m², wind resistance to at least 25 m/s and the rain persistence at least 10 l/ m²/h. Delivered climate control system capable to maintain a comfort temperature inside from 20°C to 25°C, disregarding the outside conditions(from range of -32°C to +60°C).