SIA „BELSS” is a wide profile company that operates since 1994 and is a member of Latvian Chamber of Commerce, Latvian Telecommunication association, Latvian quality association and member of CleanTech. We offer and provide our customers a full range of services from simple consultation to complex technical projects. For the successful development of our activities and competitiveness we have developed a strategic management model that is implemented in functional, business and corporate level strategies.

To our customers by providing services we offer:

  • High service efficiency and quality level,
  • Innovations – we continually improve directions of our activities,
  • We provide full-pledged satisfaction of our customers’ needs.

Vision of SIA „Belss” is a leading engineering services market which is reached by an expert group providing complete service package solution offering to our partners-customers.

Activity directions

Basic profile of Company is a telecommunications equipment sales, installation, maintenance and repair, as well as scientific research and specialized telecommunications equipment project development and implementation.

Since 2006 SIA „BELSS” develops engineering department by expanding our services with water and wastewater systems and other infrastructure engineering, as well development of civil engineering for construction and reconstruction projects. In 2008 company established Energy efficiency department.

Our main engineering activities are:

  • Delivery, installation, technical support and maintenance of telecommunication equipment,
  • Water supply and drainage system designing, consultations,
  • Land reclamation system designing and consultations,
  • Design, renovation, reconstruction and technical inspection of the buildings,
  • Design, supervision and consultations on road and sports grounds,
  • Designing of electricity and electrical devices, consultations,
  • Designing of dump recultivation,
  • Carrying out energy audits,
  • Vacuum solar system distribution,
  • Distribution of CCTV inspection
  • Disbursement of EU funds and project application preparation, scientific research of environment.